The purpose of Valley Bible Church is to glorify God by building a community of believers in the Connecticut Valley where obedience to Jesus Christ is lived and taught.

We make disciples by: Gathering in worship and loving community, Growing in Christ-like character, Going into the world to do good deeds and bring good news

We believe that it is Jesus’ design for his church to be, grow and serve in community. Therefore, disciples of Jesus Christ glorify God by gathering in worship and in loving community with one another.

Believing that Jesus’ church will grow because it is alive…disciples of Jesus Christ glorify God by intentionally learning and putting into practice the teachings of Scriptures in order to live a life that is worthy of the gospel, becoming more like Jesus Christ.

Believing that Jesus’ commission for his church is to bring the message of the gospel to all nations, tribes, languages and peoples…disciples of Jesus Christ glorify God by going into the world to bless to all people with the good news and to demonstrate the gospel through good works, both locally and globally.